How To Implement A Mold Prevention Program

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Mold is the source of many major respiratory problems, and it also can cause property damage. Consequently, a good mold prevention program can make a difference in any home or business. What should a prevention program look like, though? Here are 7 items to consider in developing a plan to prevent mold.


You can't solve a problem if you don't know whether or where it's present. Mold inspections help property owners identify the presence of mold, look for potential sources, and develop solutions. Likewise, regular inspections will help you determine how well your prevention plan is working.


Virtually all mold prevention programs include ventilation. Broadly speaking, you need to get wet air out of a building to have any meaningful chance of avoiding mold growth there. For example, you need to be sure the vent for your home's dryer goes directly to the outside and is clear. Similarly, you may need to explore attic ventilation to encourage moisture upward and outward.

Hunting for Leaks

Anything leaking in a house has the potential to encourage mold. If pipes in the basement are leaking, mold isn't far away. The same goes for leaks under the sink in the kitchen. Even a small leak that largely evaporates can cause the moisture level to rise enough to drive mold growth.

Foundation Maintenance

One of the main sources of the ingress of moisture into many structures is the foundation. Consequently, you need to make sure it is in good shape. You may need to hire a contractor to waterproof or repair it, but the investment will be worth it.

HVAC Efficiency

The heating and A/C systems in a building are critical to keeping mold under control. If the A/C unit isn't properly removing moisture from the air, it's failing to dehumidify the building. Develop a regular HVAC inspection schedule. Also, learn how to maintain the filters so you can keep the system running in top condition.

Treatment of Problematic Areas

If there are specific areas where mold regularly develops, a mold prevention contractor may be able to treat them. Usually, this involves applying special paints to problematic surfaces. The paint has chemicals that discourage mold growth, and they typically go on smooth to reduce the presence of pores that might harbor mold.

Weekly Checks

You should also have a checklist for looking at known problem areas. At least once a week, visit those spots to make sure water isn't pooling there. Also, check for any funky smells or patches of mold.

For more help with mold prevention, contact a professional in your area.

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