3 Tips to Avoid Overage Fees for Your Dumpster Rental

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When you need to get rid of a lot of rubbish, consider renting a dumpster instead of taking hours to rent a truck and haul everything away to the dump. You can use the dumpster to dispose of items when it's convenient for your schedule, and when you're done with the dumpster, the dumpster service will haul it away.

The rental fee for your dumpster will depend on the size of the dumpster and how long you need the dumpster. If your dumpster exceeds a specified weight or is overflowing, you'll likely have to pay an overage fee. Keep your dumpster-related costs under control by following these tips to avoid overage fees.

1. Go Up a Size or Two When Selecting Your Dumpster

When selecting a dumpster for rent, you'll see that there are multiple sizes available. Typically, the smaller the dumpster, the lower the rental fee. However, you should avoid trying to make a smaller dumpster work in hopes of saving a few dollars.

Instead, go up a size from the dumpster that you think is best suited for your disposal needs. If you wind up having a little more waste than anticipated, you'll have room in your dumpster to accommodate the unexpected rubbish. It's usually cheaper to rent a slightly larger dumpster than to pay an overage fee or rent an additional dumpster for your waste. 

2. Keep Moisture Out of the Dumpster

When you're not using your dumpster, make sure that you securely cover it to keep rainwater and other precipitation out. It only takes a small amount of water to add a lot of weight to your dumpster. If possible, avoid throwing away construction materials or yard waste that are wet. Wait for them to dry out; once you place them in the dumpster, they'll likely stay wet due to the lack of sunshine and airflow.

Your project may require you to throw things away when the weather is wet. Ideally, you should set the dumpster up underneath a carport. However, you can also set up a tarp to act as a makeshift shelter to prevent rain from entering the dumpster when you open it.

3. Secure the Dumpster When It Isn't in Use

Unfortunately, some people view an unattended dumpster as their own personal disposal sight. They might throw their waste in your dumpster, quickly adding weight to the dumpster and taking up valuable space. When you aren't using your dumpster, lock it using a keyed or combination lock.

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